Tuning Products
Not every tuning situation can be answered by ECU tuning.  Eurobahn offers a plug and play option with the Turbo Tuner and specialized tuning solutions for high performance engines that need more than software alone with Split Second products. 
The Turbo Tuner 2
Split Second and Eurobahn Performance, announce the Turbo Tuner 2 for all BMW 6 cylinder turbo applications. The Turbo Tuner 2 is a more advanced version of Split Second's popular Turbo Tuner, a plug-and-play solution that significantly enhances performance. Typical gains of the Turbo Tuner 2 on 93 octane, are 55 horsepower and 60 ft-lbs of torque. The Turbo Tuner 2 has the same ease of installation as the original.

In response to customer feedback, the Turbo Tuner 2 adds several unique features. One is a user-accessible adjustment that allows the user to fine-tune the additional boost the Turbo Tuner provides. The other is a wire harness extension that allows the product to be installed in a location that is easily accessed by the user. Furthermore, the connectors have been improved for additional strain relief. This assures trouble free operation over many cycles of installation and removal.
The Turbo Tuner 2, like its predecessor, can be installed or uninstalled in seconds for the 335i and 535i with installation for the 135i taking a little longer. Once removed it doesn't leave a trace it was ever in the car. It does not cause any trouble codes and leaves no trace that it was ever there. The whole Turbo Tuner line provides real performance gains while it preserves the smooth and refined character of the car.

Larger than the previous model, it is adjustable while attached to the car. No removal needed. Plus, it's still easily transferred from one car to another for those who have more than one vehicle.
Split Second

Split Second is a premier engine management manufacturer of cutting edge products. They design, develop and manufacture precision automotive instrumentation and control products for OEM and aftermarket segment. Most Split Second products are designed to work along with a stock ECU. These products make it possible to make a variety of performance enhancements while maintaining OEM levels of drivability. Split Second products interface to the stock ECU through various sensor inputs. This approach preserves and utilizes the OEM mapping while making real-time adjustment possible. Split Second products are widely used to add turbos and superchargers to naturally aspirated engines