Performance Tuning - BMW and Mini

Note:  If you are looking for a plug and play solution for your BMW 135i, 335i, 535i, X6 and Z4, the Turbo Tuner, rather than custom performance tuning, please see Tuning Products.
Eurobahn can improve the performance of your BMW and Mini Cooper.  We can improve most models for superior performance tuning and some models can be tuned to expand performance for a maximum level.  Your vehicle will have a sharper reaction, be more responsive and get more miles-per-gallon.  Each performance software program is customized for your vehicle and driving habits.

Boost the performance of your daily driver or weekend racer.   Performance increases are between 10% and 25% and 10% to 15% in mpg.  Give your vehicle a boost that will make a difference you can feel in power and see in savings.  Release your vehicle's power!
All BMW from 1996 - present
Models including:
135 318
325 328
335 525
528 530
545 550
650 740
750 760 840
850 M M3
M5 M6 Z3
Z4 M Z8
X3 X5 X5 M
Alpina B7
Apina Roadster
Cooper 1.6
Cooper S
Cooper Turbo
Mini Cooper S Performance Tuning
BMW Performance Tuning
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