Performance Tuning

Note:  If you are looking for a plug and play solution for your BMW 135i, 335i, 535i, X6, Z4 or your Porsche 996/997 Twin Turbo, the Turbo Tuner, rather than custom performance tuning, please see Tuning Products.
All modern cars are controlled by a program that is stored in the engine control unit, or the ECU.  This program determines how the vehicles engine will perform under all conditions. This software is normally not adjustable. As we reprogram an ECU, our objective is to make it better than the original.
Our test vehicles are run on a rolling road dyno with diagnostic equipment monitoring the ignition timing and fueling. The ignition timing is remapped to create a new advance curve.  The fuel map is modified to further optimize power output and to improve throttle response without destroying economy on part throttle.
In over 18 years of experience, our tuning team has tuned more than 500,000 cars  throughout Europe. So there are a lot of drivers who can testify to the added pleasure. Eurobahn is proud to offer the best custom tuning in America.
Eurobahn can improve the performance of most European imports and Exotic cars, including turbos, supercharged and diesel vehicles.  Your car will have a sharper reaction, be more responsive and get more miles-per-gallon.  Each program is customized for your vehicle and driving habits.
The new software 'adapts' or learns as you drive over several days to improve your horsepower, torque and mileage by 10-15%. Forced Inducted vehicles can see power and Torque improvements over 25%!
Torque is the fundamental item for improvement and increases are usually in the order of 10% on normally aspirated cars. Supercharged or turbo vehicles will see more.  Some models have an option for an aftermarket pulley kit that combines with an optimized program for even further increases.
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