Fuel/Timing Calibrators
The Fuel/Timing Calibrator (FTC1) combines the laptop programmability of the PSC1 with the timing control of the TMC1 to offer an engine management system that provides 3-D mapping of both fuel and timing. It is programmed with the same R4 software that is used for the AIC1 and PSC1. The R4 software has two map tables. One is used to program the fuel and the other is used to program the timing retard. The FTC1 is tailored for specific vehicles. FTC1-E includes a Fuel Timing Calibrator with an ESC1.
The FTC1 Fuel/Timing Calibrator provides precise calibration of fuel and timing retard. It is most often used when naturally aspirated engines are converted to forced induction. The fuel calibration range supports conversion to larger injectors. The timing control section is used to map timing retard to avoid detonation under boost.

Through a laptop computer with a serial interface running the Split Second R4 software can program the FTC1. The software provides three-dimensional mapping of the MAP and timing retard signal. The MAP value output is determined by the active cell value. The active cell is determined by absolute pressure measured by the internal sensor and RPM. 

The FTC1 comes in many different versions. It must be ordered for a specific model of vehicle. Some versions have an internal 2.5 bar MAP sensor which can replace the stock one bar MAP sensor. Other versions operate in voltage mode and are driven off of the stock MAF sensor.

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The calibration of the FTC1 is done through a
interface, which is active while in

operation.  The R4 software runs on Windows
95/98/2000/XP.  The software provides real
time display of RPM, manifold pressure, and
cell value.  The R4 software is the same that
is used to program the AIC1 and PSC1.  A
variety of editing tools ease the task of setting
up an initial map and quickly fine tune for                  
optimum performance.
  • Two three-dimensional map tables defined by absolute pressure and RPM
  • Avoids fault codes due to excess flow readings
  • Compatible with 2 and 4 stroke engines from 1 to 12 cylinders
  • Laptop adjustable
  • Two modes for either direct output or signal modification
  • Can retard ignition timing by up to 20 degrees
  • Transient surge and battery reversal protection
Fuel Timing Calibrator with an ESC1 $637.00