Air/Fuel Ratio Meters


The ARM1 (Air/fuel Ratio Meter) is a precision, miniature instrument that provides an easy to read, real time indication of the air/fuel ratio of an internal combustion engine. It may be used with either an existing or dedicated EGO (Exhaust Gas Oxygen) sensor. High impedance, precision circuitry is used to avoid loading the output of the EGO sensor while rejecting noise and preserving accuracy.  It features a brilliant, 5-color display that is automatically dimmed for night viewing and is an ideal monitoring tool for calibrating engine air/fuel ratio or making adjustments while driving.

The output of the ARM1 is a 10 segment, 5 color LED display. The use of color makes the meter readable with peripheral vision. It is calibrated for a 5V full scale input range and sensitivity of 0.5V per display segment.
  • Five color display can be read with peripheral vision
  • Dimming feature automatically reduces brightness at night
  • Miniature size allows wide range of installation options
  • Differential inputs reject induced noise and preserve accuracy
  • Signal filtering enhances readability of the display
  • High input impedance does not effect operation of the EGO sensor
  • Battery reversal protection

The ARM1 is particularly useful with modified engines to assure proper air/fuel ratio. It is an ideal monitoring tool when calibrating engine air/fuel ratio or making adjustments while driving.

ARM1 kit (Includes ARM1, EGO1, EGO1 Nut)
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SS-ARM1 Kit $209.00